A-la-Carte Retargeting Ads

Increase your company's visibility through A4LE retargeting ads.

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Why Retargeting?

Our audience becomes your audience with retargeting. Get exclusive direct access to people visiting the A4LE site and retarget them with your company's ads that will showcase your brand, anywhere they visit online.

Quality Audience

Don't rely on broad, generic targeting on common ad platforms to market your company. Stand out with A4LE's uniquely qualified audience that will showcase your business to those who need you the most.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1
Step 1
An internet user visits the A4LE website
Step 2
Step 2
The user exits the website
Step 3
Step 3
Your ad will be displayed on other websites the user visits 

Your ads will appear on multiple major websites and mobile apps,
following A4LE website visitors wherever they go.

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Quantifiable Results with Feathr

Have access to detailed reports that allow you to see your campaign results in real-time, including impressions, clicks, and geographical locations of ads served.


3 Months

Price           Views

$2,000        50,000

$3,000        100,000

$4,000        200,000

6 Months

Price           Views

$3,750        100,000

$5,500        200,000

$7,000        400,000


Ad sizes include:

728 x 90

Wide Skyscraper
160 x 600

Square Pop-Up
300 x 250

Ads must match pixel dimensions exactly for launch.

FILE SIZE: The maximum file size of each creative that can be uploaded is 200MB.


SEND TO: Donna Robinson at donna@a4le.org